Is a picture worth a thousand words?

The power and purpose depicted by the picture or image is a direct catalyst to the thinking process. Once the mind is properly focused and directed it is capable of wonders. 

Language is the most dramatic example of "Symbol" use. Early on we learned to catalogue and "condense" concepts in order to be able to express them with due diligence. 
If you needed to tell your hunting partner that a rabid feral dog was running at him from behind, there was little time for eloquence. Phrases like "watch your back", and "he's got a gun", and "Look out", have a way of getting your attention. 

Symbols came about in similar ways. Once we decided it was important to communicate by ways other than grunting, we started to draw. Once something is drawn, the energy it conveys is dependent on 2 things, the original intent. "It's the thought that counts", and, the practical use of the symbol or drawing thereafter. 

In the case of simple geometric shapes, a combination of things happened.

1. They are simple, and occur in nature. This made it easy for them to catch our attention.

2. They are the building blocks of Physics, and thusly all we perceive, The universe.

The "Platonic Solids" are a good place to start. Bruce Rawles has a web site that expounds the concepts of "Sacred Geometry" in ways the layman can understand. Shapes are at the heart of everything. The energy contained in a snowflake is enough to take a round trip around the universe.   

Symbols and how they "fit in".

Man and the universe are one and the same as this picture depicts. 

The "Man" on the sphere is integrated as everything is in the grand scheme. Notice that every sphere is equal but separate from the others, signifying our individuality. 
The "Artist" is trying to tell us something, and he's using the most effective way of presenting complex ideas, through abstract visual representation. Art has always fascinated us. We are now beginning to understand it's power.

We have studied symbols, sounds, colors, and subtle energies for many years. The computer has become the researcher's second most important tool, the first being his brain.
Once the average human met the computer, the flood gates of innovation sprung forth with a plethora of new ideas, and the processing power to investigate them.

Why are Fractals important and how can we use them?

Fractal images are created in with formulas. This gives us some control over what's being drawn. We can create a "view" that is unique. You might say "so what?" 

The answer is that a "unique" symbol or sigil can be charged and directed. Once this is done, the original is destroyed. Having done this, you have set off an expanding energy pattern that will contain your intent. 

This sigil is like a "thought form". Thought forms are energy bodies that exist as coherent entities with purpose and an energy supply. Some can reach "critical mass" and take on a self sustaining energy flow. These manifestations are often mistaken for paranormal phenomena. The "Fatima" miracles and apparitions were most likely a number thought forms that were created by children, and then charged by thousands of devotees. Before long they reached critical mass.

 Cybershaman utilizes symbols and sigils as "batteries" with which to store and release focused intent. You will learn to nurture and direct this awesome energy in weeks. Once you become adept at it's use, you will have a new outlook on life. Your self imposed limitations will start to melt away. A new sense of "going with the flow" will permeate your daily life. Things will become easier to accomplish, and you will radiate a new "vibration" of confidence, and being in control.


Why are Symbols powerful, and how can we use them?

Shape and color are capable of transcending the obvious and helping us to see with the mind's eye. This design is full of motion, and Rhythm, I see it as "The dance of Spirit". 

This symbol can be used to create movement. Cybershaman can process this symbol and condense it's energy into a directed stream of intent.
Cybershaman blends the  emotion of the artist with the intent of the operator to transmit the "focused" essense of this symbol to a person or place. Imagine the wealth of energy stored in the I-Ching, or the Torah.

 Symbols are power, and Cybershaman is a master of symbol use. Cybershaman can "tune" a symbol to refine it's effect according to your desire. The possibilities are limitless.

What about spirals? and how can we use them?

Spirals are though provoking by nature. Consider the structure of a spiral, it challenges our perception right away. It has no end, and no beginning. It's a mirror image of itself as it implodes and penetrates dimensional barriers. 

This symbol can be used to meditate and to lock onto a tartget. Symbols are available for every occasion.
Cybershaman can process this symbol and condense it's energy into a directed stream of intent.
Cybershaman can be programmed with 1 symbol or as  many as 72. The more you understand symbols the better you will be with Cybershaman.

There are no hard and fast rules in symbol use. You can create, and charge a symbol, or use an existing one. Even if you are mistaken about a particular symbol's effect, Cybershaman has built in attenuation, and correction formulas, that will ground out the transmission if your intent clashes with the symbol used.

Geometry and physics are at the core of the system, and can be counted on to perform on the  fly adjustments as required. 
Users notice this in the first few uses, many comment that "it has a mind of it's own". There is nothing "magic" about it it's simply New Technology". 
In 20 years, Cybershaman will be like the Commodore 64 , the MAC, or PC of the Psionics era. 

What does this symbol tell you?

The Book of Changes or the I-Ching is a source of wisdom and power. The full cycle of existence is portrayed in great detail if one looks closely. Each tri-gram is a piece of the puzzle, together they are a whole. 

Once a reading has been performed, the results will fit the question. and address the issues surrounding the situation. Information is power, why shouldn't "you" have the power you desire and the rewards you deserve?  Yes "you", you deserver better, and can have better.

I believe that one should seize the opportunity and make it work. There is no reason to rely on fate or luck to reach your goals. You can be the architect of your destiny if you have the right tools. Your mind is your most powerful tool. Cybershaman helps you to realize your potential.  By plotting a course of action and formulating a methodology, anything can be accomplished.

Using the symbols of the I-ching with Cybershaman you can increase your chances of success in every area of your life,

Success at Work




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