Healing Technology:Cybershaman Software

By Jaye Beldo

Spinning Buddhist prayer wheels or whirling about like a god intoxicated Sufi
may help some open up to higher realms. But for those of us who tend to spend more time at our computer stations than on Zafu cushions and yoga mats, there's
something even better to assist us into a benignly altered state of being: an intriguing software application fittingly named: Cybershaman.

Ernie Vega, the inventor of this unusual and effective venue to access other dimensions, has ingeniously incorporated many metaphysical attributes found in Yoga, Taoism, Buddhism and other for use on our PC's. Cybershaman's basic principle of
operation involves the use of psionics: focusing our intent, whether it be to send prayers to someone in need of healing, warding off negativity or manifesting a soul mate and then clicking the `send' button. It is as simple as that!

Having over fifteen years experience in energy work, intuitive counseling, meditation, yoga practice, tarot and dream work, I found the Cybershaman program to be quite accessible and useful in truly wondrous and multi-dimensional ways. At first, the myriads of features on the memory demanding program (248 Megabytes) seemed a bit intimidating, but with just a little experimenting, I realized navigating Cybershaman was not much different than navigating through Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader (there is a free, downloadable manual for Cybershaman that goes through all the necessary steps, so don`t panic). One of the first experiments that I tried out on the quite user friendly program involved focused on my intent for there to be clear skies in an area that has been besieged by the strangest and most persistent
weather patterns (west central Minnesota) in recent times. I also included an intent to have a fantastic bike ride, with much stamina, energy and exuberance to boot. I typed in the request for these things to manifest as the instructions suggested and then described the target , i.e. the skies /environ
above me. A few minutes later, while biking under completely clear skies and having an abundance of physical energy to do so, I realized that Cybershaman indeed worked its wonders! (I even had the energy to do an absent healing for a woman in South Africa while taking a rest by a lake in a nearby
state park). Needless to say, I was quite impressed and unable to attribute the idyllic conditions I intended to manifest to pure coincidence. When I talked to Ernie afterwards, he told me that many others have used the Cybershaman program to
successfully break up clouds and noxious chem-trails as well . While I'd like to believe that it was some kind of power within me-psionically amplified and
then broadcast by the computer itself that created such ideal conditions for the bike ride, after using Cybershaman itself on several more occasions and in
different ways, I'm more convinced now that the program itself is urging a full realization of an intelligence, spirit and sentience both within the
user and in our computers as well. Specifically, a harmonization of spirit, sentience with something so seemingly cold blooded like technology-a
convergence that has been much hyped/touted in recent times but now is evidently manifest in
Cybershaman whenever one interfaces with it in a conscious and conscientious way. Technology, especially in its computerized form, has gotten
such a bad reputation because of the obvious abuses at hand by business and government, but Cybershaman is indicating, perhaps positively anticipating ,further developments that computers and all related technologies can be used for benign, life affirming, and magical purposes as well to counterbalance the
predominately oppressive usage of technology at present time.

The Deluxe version Alpha II , with Voicesync Interface, Fractal designer and animated Sigils has many added features which may at first bewilder/astonish the user: radionics calculators, astrology, I-Ching, Tarot, fractal and Biorhythm programs. All of which can be used in conjunction with the main program of manifesting ones intent. There is even a spiraling mandala/pinwheel that the user can meditate upon prior to embarking on a
Cybershaman journey, so as to focus, center and become calm-all very important prerequisites for manifestation indeed. There are also numerology,
gematria, sacred geometry and other esoterically fascinating features as well, enabling the user to delve into and explore these worlds, all at the click of a mouse button. Cybershaman seems to function as a kind of integral hub for all these
various systems/traditions of divination, magick, radionics, etc. that for so long have been kept separate and isolated from one another but now
are inevitably synergizing!

While I experimented with many of these features on a small scale, as suggested in the manual (I didn't try to come up with the winning lottery numbers or wish for world peace ). I came to realize, the more I used Cybershaman, the more responsibility was required in using this program. Meaning, one should be very
clear on ones intent using Cybershaman because whatever intent is conveyed will
most likely become greatly amplified, not only through the software itself, but all the wiring and circuitry of your computer as well. Many reading this are probably familiar with the maxim: Be careful what you ask for because you may get it! This certainly applies to Cybershaman and perhaps more so
because of the peculiar and often unpredictable nature of computers and software programs
themselves. Most of us can attest to our PCs having feelings of some kind or at least being receptive to our own feelings. How many of us have had our
computers crash more often when we were in a bad mood than not? Princeton University even did a study on how our own consciousness influences computers
and came up with tangible, empirically verifiable results to prove it. In physics it is called the `Pauli Effect`, after Wolfgang Pauli, who had the
dubious reputation for causing laboratory equipment to go haywire whenever he was within physical proximity to it. With Cybershaman we have a perfect
opportunity to see how this phenomena of sentient interface works first hand and make changes in our energetic fields and consciousness accordingly in
attempts to harmonize and sustain such a harmony.

I suggest that the Cybershaman user not only focus on the animated spiral that can be found in the menu, but also to do a series of deep breathing
exercises, meditation, grounding and centering prior to embarking in a session, no matter what the goal/intent is. Our unconscious minds can and will
influence this program, so it is best not to be distracted, spaced out or otherwise ungrounded. Mr. Vega suggests getting oneself into a Delta brainwave
state which isn't all that easy, as it takes a great deal of meditative time to do so. However, there are other ways to quiet our minds and the more we
practice, the more quickly these states will come about. In addition to meditating, I use a gem elixir spray (made from Sugilite) to clear the
environment around the computer I use and this helps considerably in focusing. However, also on the Cybershaman menu, there is an `implode' feature
which automatically clears the space around the computer and user that can be found so perhaps such a clearing is unnecessary.

There are many images to choose from to place in the windows to concentrate, relay/broadcast your chosen intent in Cybershaman to the target: sigils ,
runes, pictures of flowers/herbs, gurus, mandalas, crystals and gems whose vibrational essence can be readily sent through your computer. You can also
add your own digital photos of friends, family or clients to this program as well which certainly will help in whatever radionics broadcast and
other forms of healing you choose to do. You can run up to twelve different sessions simultaneously-but make sure you have plenty of memory on your
computer if you choose to do so as it will slow other programs down while Cybershaman is
running. Of the many pre-set programs to choose from such as financial abundance and good luck while gambling, the psychic self defense setting is
one I`ve used quite frequently. It has worked wonders especially when simultaneously I surf the internet! I rarely sign off having to shoo away cyberspace entities, vampires and other noxious electromagnetic
critters so commonly found in this realm.

In addition to the massive image file on the deluxe version - there are also
sound files that can be utilized during Cybershaman sessions that will further
enhance your ability to focus and entrain your intent. You can even download MP3 files off of the internet for use as well. Sounds that are
included in Cybershaman: earth pulse, crystal bowl, and various tone generators. There is even an extensive chord chart which enables the user to click on a chord such as G MAJ to hear it sound-perfect for any kind of toning, sound work you'd like
to do in conjunction with the program or on your own.

While talking to the inventor I got the impression that he has left it up to the user her/himself to choose how to approach and use Cybershaman. While the
manual gives some basic instructions, as well as the testimonies of other
users, I get the sense that while we try it out on our own, it is activating something wondrous within that cannot be explained away in step by step
instructions. The kind of intelligence/awareness I first hinted at in this article. It is this element of mystery, the unpredictable, and sense of
openess and adaptability that I find most appealing about Cybershaman. Inevitably these qualities are sure to influence our world in a positive way.

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Copyright Jaye Beldo / Mystic Pop Magazine.

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