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Cybershaman VIII

This software will change your life. Download the 240 page manual on our home page menu

Click here to download Cybershaman VIII Free Windows XP, VISTA, 8 - 8.1 - 10

After you use it, and see it's real, Then you can purchase a commercial version to use one of our free computer or tablet promotion,

Join The Free - CyberShaman Tribe to learn and get support

You can get help from experienced users, Ernie, Holly and many others at The Cybershaman Tribe, it's an integrated Community with linkks to Facebook and Twitter. It's the only way to get support for the free versions.


The new Cybershaman interface is simplified compared to prior versions. Most of the features you are accustomed to are therer and there are new ones for you to experiment with. Routerpro and Holly Conley will be assisting you to learn the new features and to navigate the old ones.

To see screenshots of the free version, the Manual, additional information and the commercial versions go to

New Features

There isa a database that saves your settings. Some settings will not be saved. This is intentional. You will have to re-select the following.

1. The Level

2. The secondary intent/sound recording (a new feature)

3. The Chi Generator Settings, and the templates, as well as the background color or images, and the animation.

When the Cybershaman interface comes up you will see a button on the upper right that says "View" click this to access the intent and target panes. If you look up to the upper right again you will see that button now says "Veil", Click this to hide your program display once it is running,

You now have a feaure called recorder in your Database menu. This will open a window that will allow you to record and save an intent in your own voice. This is a very powerful new feature. You may select this recorded intent as your primary or secondary sound source, they will play at the same time.


The Main Menu

On the right, under the large image there is a bank of buttons. At the lower right of that button bank thre is a green button labeled ">>" clicking this will take you to a second button bank. The green Menu button above will return you to the first button bank and the Graph feature. When clicked this button will toggle between the graph and the Menu,

The rest should be obvious and you can ask about specific features on the forum.


I will take this opportunity to announce that there is a "new" Cybershaman Social Interaction Site prepared and ready to open to you all. Routerpro will manage it and will announce it's release shortly.

In the mean time, ENJOY the new version and look for upcoming announcements from Routerpro and Holly.

Love Ernie

Cybershaman -- the most advanced Psionic / Psychotronic / Radionic software in the world.

The new version, Cybershaman VIII will be released absolutely free with all the features fully functional and a database for the saving of settings. This version contains only symbols and images created and copyrighted by Ernie Vega. You may use your own symbols but the use of the new symbols is limited to Cybershaman and are not to be re-distributed, sold, or traded for any reason. There will be absolutely no support or explanations given by Ernie Vega. This product is provided as is and subject to agreement of terms set forth by Ernie Vega in the user agreement. Furthermore it is the wish of Ernie Vega that you use Cybershaman to its fullest potential, however Ernie Vega warrantees nothing at all and makes no claims whatsoever as to the efficacy of this software. The software runs on XP (all flavors) and Vista (all flavors). If you have technical difficulties look elsewhere as the software is fully tested and functions on all the OS's mentioned above. There is no spyware or trojans of any kind, feel free to submit it to Norton, or any other Virus or malicious software detection group.