Things You Should Know

The Myth Of Complexity

If you have used Cybershaman in the past, you already know that often, users have expressed frustration at the apparent lack of instructions, and how feature laden Cybershaman is.

Obviously, many features demand adequate documentation.

OK, I'll grant you that superficialy this would appear to be the case. However, Cybershaman was developed with the primary goal of helping people to become independent of Cybershaman after a period of usage that will vary according to each individuals learning curve.

At it's most basic level, all you need to do is type in an intent, then a target or beneficiary, pick a length of time to run, focus your mind on the desired outcome, click "SET", then click "SEND" and you are done.

The other millions of ways you can go about this are optional and there to be utilized by you as you learn Causal Engineering over time. These advanced features are also intended to allow experts to work at expert levels.

There is a 200+ page Manual and many thousands of users and experts that can show you new and exciting ways to use Cybershaman. If I were to show you step by step how to robotically write a program that I use then it will not be as effective for you as if you had designed the program the way it feels right to you. It's a Causal Engineering Interface that can be utilized differently by every single user.

Causal Engineering is a discipline similar to how Ritual Magic is a discipline. It is supremely more important that "YOU" the user be the person in charge and that it is as much as possible "on your terms"